Frequently Asked Questions

These are REAL questions from REAL people. Questions about our company, service, and properties we buy:

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on an installment sale?
A: With the installment sale, if your property is an investment property, you only pay taxes on the amount of money you receive THAT year, not all at once. See your CPA or tax professional for complete details

Q: Can I sell my house if a co-owner is deceased?
A: Yes you can! You will need a death certificate and a copy of the will if they have any children who may be eligible for money from the sale. 

Q: Can I sell my house if a co-owner does not want to sell?
A: All names on the deed must sign, or surrender their rights for selling. 

Q: How long does the process take from start to finish?
A: The start of the processes is completely up to you. The sooner you accept the offer and sign the contract, the sooner we can order title. From the time we order title work, it can take up to 3-6 weeks to complete the closing and money received. 

Q: Can I sell a property if I live out of state?
A: Yes you can! We have helped over 1,000 people in 12 different states!

Q: Will I have time to move any items from the property?
A: Absolutely! We are quick and efficient, but we do not rush you. We will accommodate any time needs that you may have. 

Q: Can I close through my own attorney office?
A: Yes you can, but we cannot pay the closing costs for using your own attorney. Using our attorney helps ensure the process is smooth and well practiced. 

Q: How did you find out about my property/How did you get my information? 
A: We use public record to find addresses (and the owners information) in the counties we are interested in buying in, and then we mail out postcards for you to contact us if you are interested in selling. 

Q: How does your process work? 
A: To learn more about our process CLICK HERE. 

Q: Do you buy vacant land, or does it have to have a house on it? 
A: We are one of the only people who buys vacant land that nobody else wants to buy, simply because there is really no way to improve the land and it takes a while to sale. We can not, however, pay market value (or tax value) for land.

Q: What is the Installment Sale and how does it work? 
A: To find out more about the Installment Sale CLICK HERE.